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Good Energy: Reliable Transmission and Distribution

Electric power transmission or “high voltage electric transmission” is the bulk transfer of electrical energy, from generating power plants to substations located near population centers. While the local wiring between high voltage substations and customers is referred to as electricity distribution, transmission lines, when interconnected, become high voltage transmission networks that power and control the power grids.

The transmission and distribution of energy relies on many “power players.” From the power plant connected to renewable sources of energy generation, to large scale battery systems, to overlying energy communication and control networks; the requirement to ensure reliability, safety, performance and security must be met to manage the Smart Grid.

Total Transformer Testing

With the two types of transformers: Oil-filled (IEC 60076) or cast resin (IEC 60076-11), NTS can provide all required tests to support your product to market, including:

  • EMC
  • Environmental Rating
  • Transport and Storage
  • Climatic, Insulation and more

Utility companies and electricity transmission component manufacturers nationwide depend on NTS to help them meet all requirements and standards. To see how our engineering skills and expertise can evaluate and test your products and components, Request a Quote today.

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