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Wireless Rules: USB Compatibility/Functionality Golden Suite

Where would most of us be without wireless technology? Lost! Wireless area networks (WAN-based Wi-Fi) are the preferred (and free) way to connect devices to the Internet in public spaces. Wireless low-powered networks (like ZigBee) connect air conditioning units in hotel rooms to a main control server. Personal area networks (like Bluetooth®) connect smartphones to cars, headphones, computers and more. And don’t forget Wireless USB for untethering peripherals (keyboards, mice, hard drives) from laptops and desktops.

Exclusive MoCA Testing and MoCA 2.0 Certification Testing

NTS was selected by the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) to be the exclusive authorized lab to execute and manage the MoCA certification program. MoCA is an industry driven standard that guides in-home networking of digital video and entertainment products using existing coaxial cable, such as:

  • “Triple play” technologies (voice, data and video).
  • Products certified for MoCA 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0, including broadband home routers, high-speed cable modems and set-top boxes.

To see more of NTS’ MoCA testing capabilities and technical highlights, visit our MoCa Testing page now.  

Dedicated to All-Important Over the Air Antenna Testing

From the R&D phase of your Internet of Things (IoT) device or Machine to Machine (M2M) product, NTS is here to ensure the functionality, proper placement and reliability of antennas on your products. Knowing that the antenna you design will perform as intended is absolutely imperative. Over-the-Air antenna testing and measurements are the only ways to qualify the entire signal path and antenna pattern of a wireless device.

Here is a partial list of NTS OTA Measurement Services:

  • Antenna testing, characterization and radiation pattern measurement
  • Capture level of radiation at antenna’s peak direction
  • Measure amount of input energy an antenna radiates
  • PTCRB and CTIA Approved Testing
  • TRP (Total Radiated Power)
  • Measure antenna power radiation
  • TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity)

For an in-depth look at our comprehensive OTA services, visit the NTS OTA-dedicated page now.

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