Consumer Electronic Devices

Faster, Smarter, Stronger: Test and Certify your Consumer Electronic Devices with NTS

Your consumer electronic devices must be consistently fast, rock-solid reliable and robust on the inside to live up to the name on the outside. Whether you’re innovating software or hardware, NTS is equipped to verify that your technology is ready to perform in extremely competitive domestic and global markets.

EMC / EMI Testing for Optimal Consumer Electronic Device Performance and Reliability

NTS operates some of the most advanced and highly-equipped EMC test labs in the business. We can test to extreme limits and intensely challenging standards. And our engineers and technicians are known as veteran experts in the field of EMC testing and EMC compliance. From resources to equipment to expertise, it’s tough to best NTS.

EMC/EMI/ESD testing services include:

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Radiated susceptibility up to 200V/m, 10kHz to 40GHz
  • Mode Tuned Chamber, Mode Stirred Chamber
  • 3 and 10 Meter Listed Semi-Anechoic Chambers
  • Radiated and conducted emissions for CE, FCC and Industry Canada
  • Full CE Immunity

Ready for the Real World: Environmental Testing

Releasing untested or marginally tested products to market is unthinkable. Yet, time to market is a real concern. This is why NTS offers environmental testing strategies that can accelerate aging and wear. Certain environmental simulation testing methods can actually go far beyond any environmental conditions your products are expected to experience. This can prove advanced degrees of robustness and reliability. Our simulated test environments are designed to make sure your products are ready for the toughest test of all: Real world consumer use.

Proactive Product Safety Testing

Let NTS help you put ultimately safe, superior quality consumer electronic products on the market efficiently and cost-effectively. We’ll work with you to identify your target markets, the safety/certification marks you need and prepare a test plan to satisfy those standards and requirements. Not only do we save you time and money, we help you avoid the typical headaches and stress of product safety testing. To see our complete approach to this essential stage of the quality assurance process, visit our product safety page now.

Global Market Access Begins with International Approvals

For many manufacturers, the question isn’t if their product will be marketed to international audiences, but how. Gaining product approval for global markets means understanding each country’s regulatory scheme and related requirements, and there is much to understand. Does every country require product labels, translations and/or statements in the user manual? Will you need importer or in-country local representatives? Factory or individual shipment inspections? Who must be involved in the approval process? What test requirements overlap with other countries that can afford your test lab economies of scale? NTS considers these variables down to the finest detail, and we take care of everything. We’ll help ensure your product gets to the intended global market on time, reducing the risk of lost revenue and market share growth.

DIRECTV and Other Home Technology Certification Expertise

NTS has years of experience in testing consumer satellite devices, such as DIRECTV receivers. Based on the MoCA standard, NTS performs certification and compliance testing for DIRECTV products for manufacturers — including power levels, noise, throughput, error rates, latency, interference and coexistence. NTS certification testing covers both of the “MidRF” and “HiRF” versions of the standard.

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