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Wireless/Radio Testing

NTS has years of experience performing testing and issuing certifications for various types of wireless technologies. From Bluetooth® to wireless USB to ZigBee to RFID to all of the various 802.11 standards, along with UltrawideBand (802.15) and WiMax (802.16) products, we have tested it all. We operate an FCC-certified Telecommunications Certification Body (Elliott TCB) to expedite your formal grant of approval and get your product to market on schedule. NTS is also one of the few labs currently providing Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) testing services to manufacturers of 802.11(a/n) devices and other wireless technologies that operate in the 5GHz range. And our innovation teams are preparing to service the needs of radio device developers who are currently working on the wireless technologies of the future. For more information about wireless testing services and capabilities, visit Wireless Radio Testing and Certification.

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