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Home Automation and Energy Management Testing and Certification

NTS lists several “firsts” and “onlys” on our Home Automation and Energy Management resume:

  • The first and now the largest certifier of ZigBee devices, as well as an authorized ZigBee test lab.
  • The first third-party lab to provide testing on behalf of PG&E.
  • First lab tapped to perform nVoy certification testing.
  • Handpicked to be the testing and certification lab partner for the USNAP Alliance; asked to create a test tool for the development and certification of USNAP products.
  • The only test lab to perform Tendril Connect Certified testing.

Whatever your testing needs encompass, trust NTS to handle them all and then some.

PG&E HAN Validation Testing

NTS tests HAN (Home Area Network) devices for use with PG&E’s SmartMeters™. PG&E customers can connect to their SmartMeters to monitor real-time, in-home energy use using ZigBee Smart Energy. You can see a list of successfully tested Products here.

For more information about PG&E HAN validation testing or to discuss your project, Request a Quote now.

ZigBee Testing & Certifications

NTS offers formal certification of ZigBee platforms and ZigBee Alliance-recognized qualification of IEEE 802.15.4 components. Our testing facilities in the U.S., Japan and Korea can perform compliance/certification testing to make sure your products are compatible with the various ZigBee specifications and application layers/profiles. For an in-depth look at NTS’ industry-leading Zigbee capabilities, visit Zigbee Testing and Certifications.

Icontrol OpenHomeTM Certified Testing

In the expanding market of smart grid and home automation, you need to be confident that your products work correctly with those of other industry leaders. Icontrol has defined a robust set of requirements and tests to ensure service providers using Icontrol OpenHome(TM) platforms can quickly and easily set up and configure these devices, so consumers can use these devices in their homes without issues.

nVoy Certification

NTS performs compliance and interoperability testing of third-party products to verify their compliance with the nVoy standard. Based on a test specification created by a collaborative working group featuring members of HomePlug Alliance, Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA), and Wi-Fi Alliance, testing covers bridge discovery, frame headers, message containers, message handling, topology discovery, security, configuration and link metrics. All nVoy certification requires prior testing and validation go their underlying technologies. (e.g., MoCA, Wi-Fi, HomePlug).

USNAP Certification

To build the smart grid, devices must be able to communicate with each other and with the utility’s network. But with competing standards such as ZigBee, HomePlug, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave, it can be tough to choose a protocol as you develop a smart appliance like a washer and dryer. The USNAP Alliance created solution: A universal interface that allows you to snap in modules for the standard you’re considering. Changing standards is as easy as changing a module. Just snap in a module for ZigBee, and your appliance will seamlessly communicate with your other ZigBee home devices as if it was always designed to do so. The NTS test specification is being finalized in collaboration with the USNAP Alliance to verify the interfaces on devices and help develop an eco-system of devices supporting USNAP.


Tendril Connect Certified Testing

Tendril Connect provides you with an open, scalable, standards-based program to give your customers options, while insuring your products will work seamlessly with utilities’ infrastructures. NTS testing covers robust network behavior and ZigBee Smart Energy profile compatibility with the Tendril platform. Joining, service discovery and network connectivity are addressed during certification testing. All Tendril Connect Certified products require prior certification to the ZigBee Smart Energy standard.

Wireless/Radio Testing

NTS has years of experience performing testing and issuing certifications for various types of wireless technologies. From Bluetooth® to wireless USB to ZigBee to RFID to all of the various 802.11 standards, along with UltrawideBand (802.15) and WiMax (802.16) products, we have tested it all. We operate an FCC-certified Telecommunications Certification Body (Elliott TCB) to expedite your formal grant of approval and get your product to market on schedule. NTS is also one of the few labs currently providing Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) testing services to manufacturers of 802.11(a/n) devices and other wireless technologies that operate in the 5GHz range. And our innovation teams are preparing to service the needs of radio device developers who are currently working on the wireless technologies of the future. For more information about wireless testing services and capabilities, visit Wireless Radio Testing and Certification.

If you’re developing a product for Home Automation and Energy Management, Request a Quote today to discover how we can help you prepare your product for market.

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