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    NTS Detroit environmental and dyno testing in michigan

    Independent Product Testing and Validation in Detroit

    NTS Detroit offers a wide range of test and analysis services in a 42,000 square foot facility and at various client sites. Our experienced mechanical and electrical engineering specialists deliver high-quality results and fast turnarounds at competitive prices. Whether your needs are for defense, medical, automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics, energy or agriculture, we’re ready to go to work. This facility is also A2LA Accredited to ISO 17025.

    Complete Testing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systemsdynamics testing and analysis in detroit

    High speed dynamometers, regenerative power supplies, fluid conditioning systems and control systems. All operated by experienced engineers for performance, durability and environmental testing of e-motors, power electronics, cables and charging systems for EV/HEV applications. NTS Detroit:

    • Executes 650 HP regen dyno performance testing of EV/HEV power trains in an environmental chamber, with DC supplied by a 600V/600A battery simulator.
    • Staffs specialists in design and construction of high speed back-to-back dyno rigs and controls for EV and HEV motor endurance and thermal cycle testing.
    • Designs data acquisition and control systems tailored specifically for e-motor and inverter testing including interfaces for CAN, Fieldbus and TCP/IP devices.

    Mechanical and Fluid Dynamics Testing and Analysis in Detroit

    With linear and rotary servo-hydraulic actuators on site and ready to roll, NTS Detroit can test for fatigue, ultimate, pressure impulse/burst and leakage, along with structural analysis and precision measurement of flow, pressure, force, torque and strain. We can also design and fabricate test fixtures and build custom test equipment. Other mechanical tests include design and construction of special test equipment to operate samples while exposed to environments including full automation. Our mechanical and fluid dynamics services and equipment includes:

    • MTS control systems for programmable load profiles or field data simulation.
    • Cyclic torque to 100,000 in-lb and linear force to 35,000 lbs.
    • Pressure cycling and impulse to 10,000 psi at 300 Hz and static fluid to 30,000 psi.
    • Fluid control systems capable of -50°C to +150°C cycling at high flow rates.
    • Pneumatic actuation, cycling, flow, pressure and leakage up to 6000 psi.
    • Ultimate torque up to 200,000 in lbs.

    Vibration and Sound Test Systems in Detroit

    NTS Detroit has many large electrodynamic and servo hydraulic vibration systems, most equipped with environmental chambers. We also offer client site instrumentation and data acquisition. Our vibration and sound test capabilities span:

    • Electrodynamic vibration up to 3,000 Hz and 100g.
    • Servo-hydraulic vibration up to 100 Hz for payloads up to 2,000 lbs.
    • Design and fabrication of fixtures and automated equipment for electro-mechanical operation and monitoring of complex systems during vibration (key-life testing).
    • Vibration control and data acquisition for sine, random, random-on-random, sine-on-random, shock, shock response spectrum (SRS) and time domain replication of field data.
    • Data acquisition on 32 channels up to 100 KHz and 84 channels up to 2 KHz simultaneous for acceleration, strain, load, torque, sound, pressure and voltage.
    • Multi-channel data analyses, including order tracking, spectral density, transfer function, octave bands, loudness and time-domain transient analysis for BSR.
    • Exhaust system and sensor vibe testing with hot air pressure and flow to +1,200°C.

    Detroit Environmental Services

    We house more than 30 environmental chambers for temperatures from -100°C to 180°C, including a drive-in chamber. We can simulate virtually any condition your product may be exposed to, with state-of-the-art services such as:

    • Cyclic thermal shock chambers for large samples tested from -50°C to 160°C.
    • HALT/HASS (Highly Accelerated Life Testing/Highly Accelerated Stress Screening and HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Testing) autoclave.
    • Sand, dust, gravel bombardment; slurry and mud exposure for dynamic tests.
    • Altitude chamber for large samples and smaller, high-vacuum tests.
    • Operational testing in salt fog and humidity chambers.
    • Chemical exposure, high-pressure water spray, steam jet , drip and immersion.

    Dynamometer Testing at NTS Detroitdynamometer testing at NTS detroit

    Equipped with more than 20 large dynos from 50HP to 650HP, the Detroit team can cover all your dyno testing needs in Michigan. We specialize in the design and construction of test fixtures, headsets and drivelines. These are integrated with instrumentation and control equipment tailored your specific requirements. Testing capabilities include:

    • Motoring and absorbing at speeds to 15,000 RPM and torque over 6,000 ft-lb.
    • Automated control, monitoring and data acquisition with torque/speed profile, backdrive and shift capability for transmissions, PTUs, gearboxes, axles and driveshafts, along with rotating machinery analysis.
    • Simultaneous application of dynamic axial and/or radial loading to rotating components on geared hubs, spindles and CV joints.
    • Environmental exposure to rotating components including temperature, slurry and salt spray on motors, alternators, U-joints and bearings.
    • Spin testing of various components up to 24,000 rpm.

    Innovative, on-stand conditioning can induce hot, cold and special environments on any rotating component. A particularly unique test we perform exposes prop shafts to hot, cold, salt/sand slurry, torque and speed, while monitoring the bearing temperatures with infrared cameras. Accessory drive components can be exposed to high rpms (up to 24,000), salt, hot and cold with simultaneous performance testing.  Our expertise encompasses practically every aspect of a vehicle’s drive train:

    • Transmissions
    • Hybrid/EV
    • Rear axles
    • U-joints
    • Half-shafts
    • Transfer cases

    Electrical and Electronics Testing

    Whatever your project needs: Power supplies, load banks and instrumentation for precision measurement of voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and dielectric strength, NTS Detroit has it. We can design and build automated systems for operation and measurement of complex systems or large arrays of samples being subjected to environmental and dynamic testing.

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