Kitchener, Ontario

Kitchener, Ontario

150 Trillium Drive
Kitchener, Ontario, N2E 2C4

T: 866-472-4522

Alex Tole - General Manager

Mechanical - Accreditation Certificate | Electrical - Accreditation Certificate

    NTS Kitchener, Ontario’s Automotive Testing Resource

    NTS Kitchener, ON, formerly Sci-Lab Materials Testing, is an internationally accredited, CGP approved, well-rounded laboratory specializing in materials testing for the automotive sector.  The core of testing services offered center on the properties and durability interior and exterior automotive parts and components. The facility is ideally located in the Automotive and Industrial hub of Ontario and only 60 miles west of Toronto.

    With a focus on Service and Quality Excellence, the team in Kitchener has defined themselves as a cost -effective extension of their customers’ product development and quality assurance teams. They accomplish this by providing technical expertise and capabilities in the areas of Materials, Environmental, Durability, and Reliability testing.

    With more than 30,000 sq. ft. of multi-discipline testing facility, NTS Kitchener is committed to the high standards required by our customers and a level of excellence expected of an established and accredited testing/engineering laboratory. The NTS Kitchener is equipped and ready to assist you in the validation, performance, durability or failure analysis of your materials, products or components.

    NTS Kitchener provides failure analysis, materials, durability and reliability testing, certification and environmental services for a variety of materials and products. Tests are routinely performed to specifications and procedures written by ASTM, ISO, SAE, IEC, CSA, CGSB, Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, Isuzu, Honda, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai/Kia, Mitsubishi, MIL-STD, NASA, Aerospace and Military OEM’s.

    Environmental Testing in Kitchener

    Automotive Testing

    • Applied Pressure
    • Applied Vacuum
    • Data Acquisition
    • Environmental Durability
    • Fixture Design
    • Force Vs Displacement
    • Life Cycle
    • Material Stress
    • Mechanical Durability
    • Proof Loading
    • Step Stress
    • Thermal Shock
    • Vibration

    Corrosion Testing

    Simulated Environments

    • Cyclic Corrosion
    • Environmental Cycling
    • Fade-Ometer
    • Fogging
    • Humidity
    • Mildew
    • Oven Aging
    • Ozone
    • QUV Exposure
    • Salt Spray
    • Sunlamp Exposure
    • Thermal Shock
    • Weather-Ometer

    Physical, Mechanical, Surface Property Testing

    • AATCE
    • Abrasion
    • Clean-ability
    • Coating Thickness
    • Color Evaluation
    • Crocking
    • Cure Test
    • Dime Scrape
    • Flexibility
    • Gravelometer
    • Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure
    • Oil/Gas Immersion
    • Paint Adhesion
    • Perspiration
    • RCA Wear
    • Scuff And Mar
    • Solvent And Detergent Resistance
    • Specular Gloss
    • Spot Test Acid, Water And Soap
    • Taber Abrasion
    • Thumbnail Hardness
    • Water Immersion
    • Wyzenbeek Wear

    Durability And Fatigue

    • Combined Durability & Environmental
    • Component Evaluation
    • Experimental Stress Analysis
    • Flammability
    • Flow Measurement
    • Life Cycle Endurance
    • Mechanical Durability
    • Pressure Cycling / Environmental Fatigue
    • Servo Hydraulic Fatigue
    • Simultaneous Load Vs Deflection
    • Structural Testing
    • Vehicle Seat Testing


    • Fourier Transform Infrared
    • GC/MS With Gerstel TDS
    • GC/MS With Headspace
    • HPLC
    • Oxygen Index
    • Volumetric Analysis
    • Thermal Analysis
    • Rheological Analysis
      • Melt Flow Indexer
      • Parallel Plate
      • Viscosity Measurements
    • Electrical And Electronics
      • Contact Resistance
      • Current Cycling
      • Dielectric Strength
      • Environmental Effects
      • Force Vs Displacement
      • Fretting Corrosion / Micro-volt
      • Insertion Force
      • Life Cycle And Endurance
      • Metallic Plating Thickness
      • Step Stress
      • Surface And Volume Resistivity
      • Voltage Drop / Resistance



    • Adhesion Of Metallic Coating
    • Breaking Strength Of Metals
    • Charpy Impact
    • Coating Weight
    • Compressive Strength Of Metals
    • Fastener Compliance To SAE
    • Hardness
    • Heat Treat Verification
    • Load Testing Of Components/Assemblies
    • Shear Strength
    • Tensile Properties
    • Torque
    • Weld Quality/Strength
    • Welding And Brazing Analysis

    Metals Chemistry

    • Ferrous
    • Non-Ferrous

    Micro-structural Evaluation

    • Case Depth
    • Decarburization
    • Fastener Compliance To Sae
    • Grain Size
    • Heat Treat Verification
    • Inclusion Content
    • Macro-etching
    • Measurement Of Coating Thickness
    • Metallography
    • Plating Thickness
    • Porosity
    • Surface Roughness Measurement
    • Weld Quality Evaluation


    • Energy Dispersive Spectrometry
    • Fiber Shape And Size
    • Fractography
    • High Magnification Imaging
    • Identification Of Contaminants
    • Measurement And Distribution
    • Qualitative Chemical Analysis
    • Semi Quantitative Chemical Analysis
    • Surface Discoloration Analysis
    • Thickness Measurement
    • Verification Of Coating Types


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