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    NTS Europe — One-Stop Telecommunications Testing Services for Global Market Access

    Since a pair of engineers founded National Technical Systems — better known as NTS — back in 1961, we have been in the business of providing timely, cost-effective and, most of all, high-quality testing solutions to our clients. That is why, thanks to our Munich facility — NTS Europe — everyone from developers to manufacturers of telecommunications and central office telecom products benefit from having a comprehensive testing facility in the heart of the European Union.

    Plus, with both our in-house expertise and state-of-the-art testing equipment, we can help our clients successfully navigate any number of international telecommunications certifying bodies, so their equipment is truly ready for the global market. Without the knowledge and experience we offer at NTS Europe, wireless and other telecommunications equipment providers are often left having to perform similar tests for different markets — and that can cost them valuable time and resources.

    Read on to see why choosing NTS Europe for all your telecommunications equipment testing makes sense for both your organization, as well as your customers.

    Telecom International Certification in Europe

    NTS Europe is ideally positioned to support our European clients with telecommunications testing and international certification needs. NTS is a Verizon authorized Independent Test Lab (ITL) and is able to serve all your needs for US RBOC (Regional Bell Operating Companies) qualifications including Verizon, ATT and Quest.

    NTS is the only authorized US ITL able to provide global qualification, expertise, and consultancy for Central Office Telecom products in Europe under one roof, and close to your development and manufacturing operations.

    Telecommunications Equipment and NEBS Testing

    To help identify and correct non-compliance issues early on in the research and development phase of telecommunications equipment, Network Equipment Building Systems — or NEBS — testing serves are of great value. For equipment that is intended for use within telephone networks in central office locations, network carriers set safety and reliability requirements that NEBS testing verifies.

    Since NTS is a Verizon certified lab, we can provide the correct type of professional engineering and testing services to ensure your products meet all applicable regulatory and industry standards. This includes looking at the markets you intend to serve and understanding how NEBS testing plays a role in fulfilling the requirements of relevant international standards such as ETSI, GR, VZ-TPR and even AT&T’s purchasing requirements.

    At NTS Europe, we are fully equipped to provide all tests required to fulfill the environmental and dynamics requirements of NEBS — including all thermal, shock and vibration tests. In addition, our team is qualified to provide you with project management, so you receive a turnkey solution that focuses on minimizing delays in getting your equipment to market in a timely manner.

    LOWER YOUR COSTS: No More Double Testing

    If you’re a European manufacturer, you likely perform ETSI testing for European markets at a test lab near your R&D facilities. Then your products are usually sent to the US, accompanied by expert technical staff, to perform NEBS testing at an accredited US ITL test lab. Since ETSI and NEBS are largely identical, this means most tests are performed twice … at a high cost to YOU.

    NTS European Global Qualification Solutions allow European manufacturers of Central Office Equipment to perform all global testing in one sweep, in Europe, at a dramatic cost savings to you. With these services available at our Munich lab, you no longer need to send products and technical resources to the US for testing.

    Global Market Access Services

    Depending on which countries and international markets you are preparing your products for, there are typically numerous — and oftentimes confusing — regulatory standards to meet. That is why it is critical to demonstrate the necessary compliance and gain the right approvals in order to avoid lost revenue and costly delays in reaching your intended markets.

    To assist you in gaining the necessary authorizations and approvals, we are proud to offer global market access services. Our services cover specific country and regional investigations to help determine which technical requirements are required and when exactly particular tests should be conducted in the design process of your equipment. In addition, with our vast telecommunications equipment testing experience, we also regularly advise when the pre-testing of samples before shipping to local test labs makes good business sense.

    Thanks to our experience in helping manufacturers meet global market regulation, we have in-depth knowledge of areas, such as the European Union/EEA, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Central America, the Caribbean Islands, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceana.

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