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Rockford, IL

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    A Higher Standard for EMI/EMC, Climatics, and Dynamics Testing

    NTS’s 83,000 square foot facility in Rockford, IL provides customers with best-in-class EMI/EMC, environmental, and dynamics testing services. The contemporary laboratory specializes in complex test programs and caters to a wide variety of industries, which include military, aerospace, commercial electronic, telecommunication, automotive, and medical sectors. Staffed by top test engineers with years of experience, customers get everything they need from a single location.

    Expert EMI/EMC and ESD Testing Services

    We perform a variety of EMI/EMC and ESD testing, which include RS 103, 200 V/m, 10 kHz to 40 GHz, indirect lightning effects, and multiple burst/multiple stroke lightning up to Level 5 of DO-160. NTS Rockford provides complete certification for information technology, industrial, and for commercial electronic products to global EMC regulatory standards. Key EMI/EMC and ESD services include the following:

    • Radiated Susceptibility ~ 200 V/m, Frequency Range 10 kHz to 40 GHz,
    • HIRF Testing 100 MHz  to 1o 18 GHz to 7200 V/m pk
    • Radiated Emissions 30 Hz to 40 GHz
    • 10 Meter Semi-Anechoic Chamber
      • 10’ x 10’ Door
      • Suited for Heavy Vehicles to 80,000 lbs.
      • High Temperature Vehicle Exhaust System
    • Seven MIL/AERO Semi-Anechoic Chambers
    • One Semi Anechoic Screen Room
    • Two Shielded Rooms
    • Reverberation Chamber 100 MHz to 18 GHz
    • Extended Ground Plane Test Beds
    • Indirect Lightning-Single Stroke, Multiple Stroke, Multiple Burst, Level 5 DO-160
      • Mobile In Situ Test Services
    • AC & Telecom Port Surge, Electrical Fast Transients, Ring-Wave, and Bust Testing
    • Airborne Acoustic Noise and Structure-Borne Noise
    • Antenna Characterization
    • Shielding Effectiveness, Transfer Impedance
    • Electrostatic Discharge to 30 kV
    • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to 50 kV/m
    • HERO
    • RADHAZ Analysis
    • Two 500 HP 4-Quadrant Drives for Motor/Generator Testing
    • One 150 4-Quadrant Drives for Motor/Generator Testing
    • AC power to 480 VAC and DC Power to 600 VDC, 400 kW
    • Four 75 kVA, 115V, 400 Hz +/-20 Hz Motor Generators
    • Reverberation for Accelerated EMI/EMC Testing
      • State-of-the-Art Amplifier Achieves Greater than DO-160 Category L levels from 100 MHz to 18 GHz
      • 12’ x 20’ x 10’ Chamber with 438 cubic feet Test Volume (4’ x 7’ Door)

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    Extreme Environmental Testing

    Yes, we can simulate any condition on earth—and beyond. In fact, our environmental chambers range from small to walk-in-sized and are capable of replicating high and low temperatures, humidity, and altitude conditions. Key environmental testing services include the following:

    • Temperature and Humidity Testing on Rotating Equipment
      • 300 HP Drive to 20,000 RPM
      • Stop, Start, Endurance, Acceleration, Deceleration Testing
    • 4′ Diameter x 12′ Altitude Chamber
      • 100,000 Foot Capability
    • 4′ Diameter x 6′ Altitude Chamber
      • 200,000 Foot Capability
      • Equipped with Liquid Nitrogen Cold Plate and Shroud
    • Rapid Decompression
    • Simulated Space Altitude with Temperature
    • Walk-in Temperature/Humidity Chamber
      • 8′ x 9′ x 10′, 40°C to 90°C to 10°C/Minute Ramp Rate, 0 to 90°C RH
    • 4′ x 4′ x 4′ Temperature/Humidity/Altitude Chamber
    • Several 4′ x 4′ Thermal Chambers
    • Thermal Shock
    • Salt Fog
    • Shipboard Voltages Available

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    Dynamics Testing in the Midwest

    The engineers at the NTS Rockford lab provides world-class dynamics testing services. In fact, the lab has several electrodynamic shaker systems capable of testing all forms of vibration, including sine-on-random, classical, and pyrotechnic shock. Clients can take advantage of on-site instrumentation, data acquisition and spectral analysis, and root cause failure analysis for test and design optimization. Key services in Rockford include the following:

    • Three T1000 Unholtz-Dickie Shakers Rated at 15,000 Force Pounds.
      • Capacity for Auxiliary Equipment
    • An 8-Foot Diameter, 300 RPM Centrifuge for Acceleration Testing
    • Drop Shock (High G Levels with Digital Waveform Capture for Post-Test Analysis)
    • Pyrotechnic Shock

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    HIRF Testing in Rockford

    Our NTS Rockford operation is accredited for DO-160 radiated susceptibility testing both in-house and at your facilities. Packed in custom cases for easy transport, our state-of-the art HIRF testing equipment achieves category G pulse modulation levels from 400 MHz to 18 GHz.

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    Drive Forward with Power Systems Testing

    We are fully equipped for testing power systems, producing up to 300 kVA and more. Seven chambers, which includes a 10-meter and reverberation chamber, are configured with drive stand ports and load rooms. Two 500 HP drive stands and one 150 HP drive stand are available on-site. Each drive is four-quadrant capable, allowing for both generator set and motor testing. Drives can be transferred between chambers to provide the best possible match between facility capability and test article configuration.

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    Indirect Lightning Testing

    NTS Rockford is accredited for DO-160 lightning-induced transient susceptibility testing. Services are provided both in-house and at client facilities. Our easily transportable rack-mounted equipment achieves level five for pin injection and cable injection testing, multiple stroke, and multiple burst.

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