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    Rustburg NTS — Providing Testing, Certification and Engineering Expertise for Military Partners

    nts military testing in rustburg

    There is only one commercial site in the United States that can provide global solutions capabilities for all Navy equipment qualification testing, as well as extensive test and qualification capabilities for ground, avionics, and space applications. This test site is our Rustburg Division of National Technical Systems, strategically located in Central Virginia, within driving distance of the Eastern seaports, various military bases and Government facilities, major prime contractors, and Washington D.C.

    As a Naval Sea Systems Command Certified full-spectrum test and research facility since 1985, the team at NTS Rustburg is ready to manage your toughest environmental test requirements. Our engineers are experts in shock and vibration, with extensive ship-design credentials and years of experience in dynamic structural analysis.

    At NTS, we provide turnkey operations that include pre-shock test analysis, comprehensive design and fabrication of equipment foundations, instrument design and installation, data analysis and report generation. We are uniquely qualified to guide you through the Navy shipboard MIL-Standard requirements. Our design engineers can cost-effectively design shock and vibration test fixtures to meet your companies’ unique technical requirements. Plus, we are conveniently located within a 15-minute drive from machine shops, hardware stores, electrical suppliers, hotels and restaurants located in nearby Lynchburg, VA.

    MIL-DTL and MIL-STD-167 Full Test Capabilities

    NTS Rustburg has the expertise to accurately monitor equipment response and performance during severe environmental testing. Typical requirements include MIL-S-901, heavyweight and lightweight shock testing, as well as MIL-STD-167 vibration testing.

    Our one of a kind Rustburg facility is located on a 36-acre site with a 5-acre quarry (1800 feet long, 250 feet wide, and up to 130 feet deep), which is serviced by a 75-ton stiff-legged derrick. The test site offers easy access on and off barges from shore.

    We can support Delta and Wye power requirements. Additionally, our site has multiple 440V, 220V, and 120V distribution services for both single and three phase systems. Plus, custom power solutions are available.

    At NTS Rustburg, we provide adequate space at the facility to store, set up and configure your equipment under test. We also provide operational support including cooling water, pumps, hoses, cables and shock isolation solutions

    Our instrumentation engineers have the capability of recording up to 100 channels of instrumentation data to monitor shock response. This includes acceleration, displacement, strain, pressure, velocity and voltage monitoring. All data is recorded and processed in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

    Floating Shock Platforms for Test Loads to 125,000+ Pounds

    At NTS Rustburg, the design of our deck simulator fixtures — or DSFs — that are used for testing deck mounted, shock isolated (Class II) equipment is an ongoing evolution. That way, we are always in compliance with MIL-S-901D and all other applicable military and naval specifications.

    On our newest generation of DSFs, we’re proud to feature the attachment of floating shock platforms for test loads up to 125,000+ pounds — which makes our equipment the go-to platform for shock testing.

    Deck Simulating Shock Machine (DSSM) in Rustburg

    For shipboard shock qualification, the next generation in testing equipment is our deck simulating shock machine that is found only at our NTS Rustburg facility. Both its development and ongoing use demonstrate our commitment to helping our clients and their products meet the strictest inspection and certification requirements.

    EMI / EMC Testing Capabilities

    NTS emi/emc testing lab in rustburg

    • Servicing the Defense, and Aerospace Industries
    • Radiated Susceptibility ~ 200 V/m, frequency range 10 kHz to 40 GHz,
    • Radiated Emissions ~ 30 Hz to 40 GHz
    • MIL/AERO Semi-anechoic chambers
    • Extended ground plane test beds
    • AC & Telecom port surge, Electrical Fast Transients, Ring-wave, and bust testing
    • Electrical power characteristics testing
    • Airborne acoustic noise and structure-borne noise
    • Shielding effectiveness, transfer impedance
    • Electrostatic discharge up to 30 kV
    • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to 50 kV/m
    • HERO
    • RADHAZ analysis

    Temperature and Humidity Testing in Rustburg

    When it comes to naval, avionics and other equipment that is intended for rugged use, it is insufficient to merely design and create it without substantial temperature and humidity testing to ensure its reliability once it is put to use in its operational environment. With our more than 50 years of testing experience, you can trust us to carry out temperature and humidity simulation tests to meet all your equipment and compliance needs.

    NTS Rustburg Airborne and Structure Borne Noise Testing

    Our semi-anechoic test chambers are capable of being used for Airborne and Structure Borne Noise testing, taking advantage of our very quiet background environment. These tests are fully A2LA certified, as well.

    Shock Mounts

    NTS offers shock mounts that have been designed and tested to substantially attenuate shock input loading for shipboard mounted equipment. We have developed a thermoplastic alloy mount that meets the requirements of MIL-S-901D Shock and MIL-S-167 vibration. The alloy mount material is blended to optimize both vibration damping and shock attenuation characteristics. All of the mounts are manufactured using injection molding processes. Please contact NTS Rustburg for additional shock mount information.

    Multifaceted Engineering Services at NTS Rustburg

    Our engineers possess comprehensive ship-design and MIL-Aero knowledge coupled with years of experience in dynamic structural analysis using finite element analytical tools, simulation and design. Count on NTS for on-site design reviews to reduce the risk of problems developing before testing begins.

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