Wichita, KS

Wichita, KS

    Dedicated Law Enforcement and Military Testing at NTS Wichita

    NTS Wichita Test Lab

    As one of two NTS laboratories for ballistic experimentation and non-destructive testing of munitions and protection systems, NTS Wichita — formerly United States Test Laboratory USTL — is an independent ballistic testing facility that puts some of the most important equipment to the test: Body armor, helmets and firearm locking devices and more. Our expert staff has practical experience in both law enforcement and military test specifications.

    With modern test equipment and innovation, we deliver accurate and confidential test procedures and reporting of test results. The latest technology and some of the most experienced specialists in the business give us the edge to maximize test accuracy, and your confidence.

    NTS Wichita is part of the vast NTS Defense Group, which includes six other laboratories across the country. Our Wichita team provides testing to a generous range of test standards, including NIJ 0101.06, MIL-STD 662F and UL 752, and a variety of military and international test specifications.

    Ballistic Resistant Material Impact Testing in Wichita

    Our ballistic resistant material impact test services can be tailored for any scenario, including — but not limited to— First Article Testing (FAT), Lot Acceptance Testing (LAT), Internal Research and Development (IR&D), Qualification and Research and Development.

    We know you can’t wait months for testing, if you need test data within 24 hours of test completion, you’ll have it. Our environmental test set ups — from temperature and humidity to vibration and shock — are co-located with our ballistic testing services, ensuring expedient and efficiently run programs.

    At NTS Wichita, our body armor testing services include:

    • NVLAP Accredited, Lab Code 200818-0 / NIJ 0101.06 including in house conditioning
    • NIJ 0101.04/0101/05 Interim
    • NIJ 0115.00 Stab Resistance
    • Home Office Scientific Development Branch Ballistic and Stab Testing
    • DoD, FQ/PD 07-05E, FQ/PD 07-10A, CO/PD 00-02H, CO/PD 06-24, CO/PD 04-19D, CO/PD 06- 20, CO/PD 05-02, CO/PD 00-03D, SPEAR, Air Warrior and others
    • UL 752
    • NIJ 0108.01
    • Mil-Std 662F
    • FBI, DEA, LAPD

    Firearm Testing in Wichita

    For safe, accurate and reliable ammunition and firearms testing, you need a test laboratory that knows precisely what it’s doing. At NTS, we have been providing the U.S. military, as well as other federal and commercial customers with high-quality, cost-effective firearms testing for well over 50 years.

    With both indoor and outdoor ranges, high-speed cameras and X-ray CT scanning, our Wichita facility boasts the following features:

    • Three ballistic test ranges, each capable of testing full scale products
    • Each range utilizes redundant Oehler Model 55 chronographs and Oehler Model 34 Ballistic Computers to ensure accurate velocity measurements
    • The exclusive independent test facility in the United States utilizing Doppler radar technology for velocity measurement

    In addition, we were the first independent ballistic test laboratory to utilize FARO Arm and Geomagic Qualify software — capable of generating precise measurements up to 0.0006” {0.016mm} —as well as Doppler radar. Two high speed cameras can capture test data up to 500,000 frames per second.

    Plus, our fully adjustable test fixtures at NTS Wichita allow us to support numerous test samples:

    • Testing can be observed from a fully protected viewing room where the Universal Receiver is fired by a customized pneumatic triggering device.
    • Projectiles are fired from a laser-sighted Universal Receiver or Remington 40X receiver fitted with a .22 Fragmentation barrel.
    • We also provide testing using a variety of hand- and shoulder-fired weapons.

    Firearm Safety Device Testing at NTS Wichita

    Thanks to our investments in testing equipment and our engineering team’s vast experience in firearms safety testing, our NTS Wichita facility is a national leader in firearm and trigger safety testing.

    We regularly perform reliability and firearm functionality testing to meet the following standards:

    • NIJ 0112.03, Autoloading Pistols for Police Officers
    • California DOJ Handgun Testing Standards
    • Massachusetts Handgun Testing Requirements
    • SAAMI Firearms Testing

    Helmet Impact Testing

    We’re proud to provide comprehensive helmet impact testing services designed to help keep U.S. military and law enforcement personnel safe when they are called upon to protect American citizens and interests at home and abroad.

    At NTS Wichita, our helmet testing services are designed with full compliance to the following standards in mind:

    • NIJ 0106.00
    • CO/PD 05-04 Advanced Combat Helmet
    • FQ/PD 06-35A Lightweight Helmet
    • MIL-H-44117A Combat Vehicle Crewman
    • MIL-H-44099A Ground Troops and Parachutists
    • ICE-TP-002
    • ECH
    • MICH-L
    • DoT FMVSS No. 218

    NVLAP Accredited to NIJ Standards

    Accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program — or NVLAP — we are pleased to offer firearms and ballistics testing services in accordance with applicable published standards from the National Institute of Justice — also known as the NIJ.

    The NIJ is particularly interested in putting forth equipment standards that meet the needs of criminal justice, law enforcement and corrections personnel.

    HOSDB 2017 Accredited Laboratory

    When it comes to providing ballistic resistant materials testing — for example, for body armor — to recognized military and law enforcement standards, the United Kingdom’s Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) is a near equivalent of the NIJ for law enforcement equipment standards in the U.S.

    For this reason, we are proud to announce that we are an HOSDB 2017 Accredited Laboratory.

    Environmental Testing in Wichita

    NTS Wichita was the first NIJ approved, NVLAP-accredited laboratory to perform on-site conditioning according to NIJ 0101.06. We have a Russell’s 12’ x 9 ’ x 8’ walk-in chamber capable of – 60º to 150º C and 10-95% RH, which can condition up to six models of body armor at the same time.

    Our facility also hosts a 23” x 31” x 33” ESPEC chamber capable of -70º to 150º C and 10-98% RH and a 20” x 20” x 20” Thermotron chamber capable of 177º C.

    For more details click here to download the NTS Wichita fact sheet. Or Request a Quote to get your next program rolling!


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