The Most Advanced MIL-STD Testing in America

Trusted by the U.S. government and top defense contractors, NTS provides you with the most stringent MIL-STD testing on the planet. With unmatched technical expertise—along with a massive physical infrastructure—you’re able to get support for the most complex projects in the defense sector. Contact us today—and discover what it means to test to a higher standard.

MIL-STD Testing Built for You

What type of MIL-STD testing do you need? From MIL-STD 461 to MIL-STD 810, you’re able to get testing for anything you want. Take a moment to explore how you can get customized testing to meet your unique requirements.

Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests

Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics

Hazard Assessment Tests for Non Nuclear Munitions

Mechanical Vibrations of Shipboard Equipment

High Impact Mechanical Shock for Shipboard Equipment

Electronic & Electrical Component Testing Standards

Microcircuit Device Testing Procedures

Connections, Electrical, Solderless Wrapped

General Specification for Printed Wiring Board, Rigid

General Specification for Printed Circuit Board/Printed Wiring

General Specification for Printed-Wiring, Flexible and Rigid-Flex

Military Specification Insulating Compound, Electrical

Gage Inspection

Welding and Brazing Procedures


Control of Hardware Cleanliness

thermal vacuum, Los Angeles, CA

Priority Scheduling for Defense Testing

You put our soldiers first. That’s why you get priority scheduling. With 28 labs in North America, you’re able to fast track your testing at a location near you. Explore the labs available to you.

Every Defense Test Imaginable

With decades of experience in defense testing, you get access to trusted experts who are dedicated to offering the most comprehensive suite of testing services. A sampling of common defense sector test below are below. If you don’t see a service that’s perfect for you, contact us—and you’ll find expert insights on how we’ll perform the test you need.

  • Fully instrumented small, medium and large caliber ranges
  • Calibers up to 155mm
  • Ranges to 3000 meters

Arena testing of warheads and weapons

Shoulder fired weapons testing

Complete MIL-STD-2105 Insensitive Munitions Testing

Single and dual MIL-STD-2105 Fragment Impact Testing

External Fire, fast and slow cook-off testing

Bullet impact testing using small and medium caliber ammunition

Ballistic limit (V50) of materials and projectiles

MIL-STD-901 lightweight shipboard shock facility

Complete environmental facilities

Complete dynamics and shock facilities

Lithium battery performance and safety testing

Handle and store explosives, propellants, and ordnance Class 1.1v

Naval Shock Testing, Rustburg, VA

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