Anaheim Materials Lab Upgrades Chambers

February 7, 2018

The NTS Anaheim facility is a leader in the evaluation and analysis of materials, PCBs and other electronics. Recently we added some new state-of-the-art chambers to the lab, further enhancing our evaluation capabilities as well as increasing the energy efficiency of our laboratory.

Temperature Humidity Chamber: Our new fast rate temperature and humidity chamber from Weiss Technik North America allows for maximum airflow coverage an accurate gradients with ramp rates from 3.0 °C per minute to 15 °C per minute.

Temperature Humidity Chamber Anaheim

Our new ESPEC thermal shock chamber transfers equipment under test from cold to hot zones with a temperature range of -65°C to 200°C. This chamber meets strict MIL-STD-883 thermal cycling requirements and can also be used for IEC 61300-2-47, JEDEC JESD47E, JESD22-A104, and others.

Last but not least, our new 16 cubic foot Espec temperature chamber delivers -70°C to +180°C range with a 15°C per minute ramp rate.

To learn more about other test capabilities and expertise at our Anaheim, CA laboratory, click here or contact us today!

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