Analysis of Inter-Chamber Energy and Mass Transport in High-Low Pressure Gun Systems

August 1, 2016

Authors: Ryan Hill and Logan McLeod
Two assumptions are often made by lumped-parameter codes in the analysis of dual-chamber guns: (1) that the gas enters the large chamber at the propellant flame temperature, and (2) that the flow between the chambers is that of an ideal gas. An investigation on the effects of these two assumptions was performed by creating three lumped-parameter codes: one that maintains the two assumptions above, and two that conserve flow energy of the gas instead of maintaining a constant temperature. Of the latter two models, one uses an ideal gas and the other uses a noble-abel gas for the flow calculations. In this work, the noble-abel gas equation of state will be discussed in detail as well as its implications to the gas flow. Then, descriptions of the three approaches to the gas flow model will be presented, followed finally by a comparison of simulation results from the three models.

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