NTS Camden’s Target Effects Arena Brings the “Wow” Factor to Weapons Testing

March 29, 2014

Fragment Impact Testing

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the performance of Target Effects Arena tests at NTS Camden. The increase is largely due to the push in the defense market for design and fielding of high-intensity, low-collateral, precision weapon systems.

Target Effects Arena Testing allows a weapon system to display its effectiveness against numerous targets in a measured, precision area. The targets may include vehicles ranging from SUVs to boats, tents or other temporary structures, and other dynamic targets in addition to the standard steel panels and fragment capture bundles. The targets for these types of tests typically remain intact, yet riddled with fragment impacts, which creates a spectacular display of the efficiency of the weapon system in a focused area, and provides an abundance of data including fragment velocity and dispersion.

Not only are Target Effects Arenas useful for data, but they are also heavily marketed due to their dynamic nature. When stepping out into a test arena that is setup for a Target Effects Arena test, it almost feels like stepping on the set of a Hollywood blockbuster, and carries much of the same excitement. This unique test allows valuable data to be captured and recorded and also provides the opportunity, that many companies are recognizing, to capture a spectacular visual demonstration of the product on film through standard video, high-speed video, and even 35mm still images.

While a typical arena test can display the effectiveness of a product in a concrete display with the mapping and photos of the traditional steel panels, a Target Effects Arena provides a more extravagant display of the application of the product that is better represented through film and for clients present to witness the event. Because of the “wow” factor of these tests, it is easy to see how a marketing campaign can be built around the vivid, striking images that can many times rival a scene blockbuster action movie.

In a world where seeing is believing, Target Effects Arena Testing is becoming more popular than ever as a demonstration of weapon systems with surgical accuracy as well as a successful sales and promotional mechanism.

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