Ask the Expert: Eric Young, M.S.

August 28, 2013

Eric YoungEric Young is NTS Rockford’s Dynamic Engineer, developing dynamic test plans and overseeing all dynamic test programs at the Rockford Facility. He received his Master of Science in physics from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Eric has 28 years of experience in designing, implementing, maintaining and operating dynamic test systems. He has over 18 years experience in programs associated with shock, vibration and acoustic noise tests and is known for training highly capable test technicians that require very little supervision.

A question that is often asked of Eric is, “how should my shock and vibration test be conducted to meet requirement, provide meaningful data, and ensure an overall best possible success?”

“The requirements for shock and vibration testing can be complex” Eric says, “sometimes difficult for even the most experienced mechanical and electrical engineers. This can sometimes create a hurdle toward product certification. As a dynamic engineer it is my responsibility to guarantee that every aspect of a test is thoroughly considered and communicated to the customer before it is executed.”

Eric explains, “If a test fails, it is essential to provide information that helps determine the best course of action that is sensitive to both cost and schedule needs.”

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