Hydraulics Test Services in Orlando, Florida

December 13, 2018

Hydraulics have a wide variety of applications, from valves to actuators, accumulators to pumps, and motors to heat exchangers. NTS Orlando hydraulics department answers the call, with the testing of these applications against a number of MIL, SAE ARM, and ISO standards. The NTS Orlando team performs high and low temperature (fluid and/or environment), burst and proof pressure testing – hydrostatic and dynamic at temperature, flow and pressure drop, cracking pressure, reseat pressure, leakage, endurance, impulse, cold start, loads, and combine vibration and hydraulics testing.

Our hydraulics experts in Orlando deliver the performance, characterization, engineering and functional testing needed to ensure the performance of equipment. Additionally, NTS utilizes high speed data acquisition and control using LabVIEW Software and National Instruments hardware up to a 1kHz recording rate.

Hydraulics Test Stands

A variety of test stands are available at NTS Orlando including:

  • Skydrol (Phosphate Ester) Test Stands
    • 200 HP Test Stand capable of 7,500 psig and 32 GPM and 275 Deg F
    • 125 HP Test Stand capable of 6,000 psig and 35 GPM
    • 25 HP Skydrol Mobile Test Stand capable of 5,000 psig and 12 GPM
    • High Flows of 200 GPM and 850 psig or Flows of 85 GPM and 2,000 psig
    • 75,000 psig Hydrostatic Capability (Skydrol/Water)
    • Low and High Flow Mobile Test Stand for Combined Environments including Vibration and other Environments
  • Hydrocarbon (MIL-PRF-83282, MIL-PRF-87257, MIL-PRF-5606)
    • 100 HP Test Stand Capable of 6,000 psig or 60 GPM
    • 20 HP Test Stand Capable of 5,000 psig and 8 GPM
    • 20 HP Test Stand Capable of 4,000 psig or 18 GPM
    • 10 HP Skydrol or Red Oil Test Stand Capable of 10,000 psi and 2 GPM
    • 70,000 psig Hydrostatic Capability Red Oil

Rapid Cooling of Phosphate Ester and Hydrocarbon Based Hydraulic Fluids

Our specially designed mechanical refrigeration systems, featuring a proprietary heat exchanger, are engineered to achieve testing at temperature extremes of minus 55° Celsius with flows of up to 20 GPM. The systems utilize accumulators supplied with chilled hydraulic fluid and cold start testing to achieve continuous flows of up to 20 GPM (low pressure) for fluid temperatures of up to minus 40° Celsius and 15 GPM at high pressure during endurance testing.

NTS Orlando’s hydraulics testing experts perform testing of these applications (and many more!) to MIL-F-8815, SAE ARM standards 490, 4946, 24, and 1283, ANSI T2.21.3 and T3.5.28, and ISO standards 10770, 6404, and 6605.

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