International Approvals Update – Big Changes in Asia

October 23, 2014

The NTS International Approvals team has compiled some recent updates regarding changes to certifications throughout Asia. Getting your products to these big markets quickly and efficiently can make a huge difference to the bottom line. Read on for more information and don’t hesitate to contact our IA manager Caio Collet-Silva should you have any questions or concerns on how this may affect your deadlines!


TMC-201241118402365Korea MSIP-RRA has issued a draft version (under public consultation until Nov/04/2014) with changes to the approval scheme such as:

1. Reclassifying some wired terminal equipment into DoC scheme

2. Simplifying the details shown on the certificate

3. Extending the scope of technical permissible (and modification) changes of the conformity assessment criteria.

The main change in this draft is related to the permissive change scheme, having proposed some relaxation such as KC certified components not requiring new EMC testing for the system. Based on past experience, the NTS International Approvals team expects the new regulation to be issued by the end of this year.


ccc logoThe CQC factory inspection procedure, needed for CCC certification (initially and yearly moving forward), has changed. It has been published on the CQC website and now labs, auditors and CQC engineers are in discussion on how best to implement the change. CCC certificates will now be issued without factory inspection however a CQC auditor (or CQC partner auditor) can show up in the factory without notice within 3 months after the certificate issued date. We expect more accurate and detailed information in the coming weeks.


isi mark logo

India BIS and DEITY have created a draft notification which includes new product types in the mandatory list of BIS approval – local safety and BIS registration/approval for the factory. An example of some product types are:


• External Power Adaptors/Supplies for IT Equipment and A/V devices

• UPS, Invertors, LED lamps and Luminaries

• Mobile Phones

• Smart card readers

The date for final notification is not established and manufacturers/importers may push it out until next year.

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