Domestic Approvals Update – Industry Canada & FCC

June 23, 2015

Industry Canada: After December 31, 2016, Industry Canada will no longer accept non-accredited test facility sites. Test data from non-accredited test labs will not be accepted starting January 1, 2017.

Federal Communications Commission: The FCC rules for laboratory testing of products will come into force on July 13, 2015. Per § 2.948 of FCC Rules “Equipment authorized under the Certification or Declaration of Conformity (DoC) procedure shall be tested at a laboratory that is accredited.” For products subject to Verification, it is not necessary to use an accredited laboratory but the test site must be documented showing compliance with ANSI C63.4-2014. The description may be held by the test laboratory. It is not necessary that the party responsible for Verification maintain the site description documents.

For more details on these latest changes please contact our experts at NTS International Approvals

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