International Approvals Update: Changes to Labeling and Logo Requirements

March 17, 2016


RCM Replaces A-Tick and C-Tick (enforced March 2016)

Starting March 1, 2016, RCM replaced A-Tick and C-Tick. Products subject to mandatory approval will require to bear RCM logo to enter the Australia market. For formerly A-Tick or C-Tick approved products, the manufacturers may still use A-Tick or C-Tick logo as long as the manufacture date is before March 1, 2016.


HSE Statement/Resolution 508 (enforced April 2016)

Starting on April 22, 2016, a HSE (High Specialized Equipment) statement must be on the equipment if the product is not safety certified in Argentina. Safety certification in Argentina has been voluntary for HSE, however, Resolution 508 was issued at the end of 2015 demanding that a HSE Statement (Spanish) be placed in a visible area on products shipped to Argentina.

Spanish Statement

“PRODUCTO NO CERTIFICADO EN SEGURIDAD ELÉCTRICA EN LA REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA. Apto para ser operado exclusivamente por personal con conocimientos en materia eléctrica. No instalar al alcance del público en general. No utilizar en procesos de enseñanza. No utilizar en comercios con atención al público”.


Resolution 662 (enforced March 2016)

According to Resolution 662 that was issued and enforced on March 10, 2016:

  • EAN/GS1 number and barcode figure are NOT required anymore for ANATEL homologation projects
  • Local reps or license holders does not need to provide this information for new ANATEL homologations
  • Products to be certified and products already certified can use the label without EAN/GS1 number and barcode figure

ANATEL Homologation Number Format Change

The ANATEL homologation number now has two (2) more characters (numbers).
The new format is:


(HHHHH = homologation code; AA = Year of the issuance; FFFFF = main product manufacturer)


DEITY/BIS Logo and Label Requirements (in-progress)

A new marking requirement was published by India DEITY/BIS on Feb 10, 2016. The requirement states: that beginning on June 30, 2016 the BIS logo will become mandatory for certified products.

  • The previous BIS compliance statement will no longer be acceptable after this date
  • Any products certified prior to this date will also be required to bear the new logo on the marking materials unless imported to India before June 30, 2016.

For reference, below is the BIS logo:

(——– = Applicable Standard, XXXXXXXX= Approval/Registration number)

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