International Approvals Update: Taiwan BSMI

July 14, 2016

Recently, Taiwan BSMI has performed inspections in the market on products under BSMI DoC approval scheme. Aside from the BSMI mark with applicant’s code (“D number”) that appears on the product label, the inspectors want to ensure that the applicant’s details are displayed on the marketing package, manual or product, such information needs to be implemented before the product goes to market.

The applicant’s details that must be displayed on the marketing package, manual or product are the company name and address in Traditional Chinese, with phone number (as shown on the BSMI DoC). In addition, importers or distributors must have an authorization letter from the BSMI DoC applicant, in case of BSMI audit. It is optional for importers to add their contact details (name, address and phone) on the package.

Note: The BSMI mark and compliance statement requirements shall remain the same.

For any further questions regarding this new development, please contact our NTS International Approvals Team at

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