Mark Briggs of NTS Named TCB Council Chairman

June 23, 2011

National Technical Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: NTSC) (NTS), a leading provider of engineering services, is pleased to announce that on April 6, 2011, the Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) Council elected Mark Briggs, Staff Engineer at NTS, Chairperson of its Board of Directors.

TCB’s are accredited organizations with the authority to issue Grants of Certification for compliance with Federal Communications Commission Rules & Regulations. The purpose of the TCB council is to provide a forum for periodic dialogue between the FCC and the TCB’s and to facilitate on-going activities geared toward the improvement of TCB technical and administrative performance. Mark’s election to Chair of the TCB Council Board is a reflection of his deep technical expertise and the great respect he holds among his peers on the Council and within the wireless industry at large.

“I am very honored to be nominated to the position of TCB Council Board Chair. This is an interesting and exciting time and there many important issues before the council. I hope to continue the excellent work done by the outgoing Board under Chair Greg Kiemel, and look forward to working with the new Executive Committee.” Mr. Briggs said.

Mark initially became a member of the Board of Directors in February 2010. In the recent elections for a new board, Mark was nominated for the position of Chair and his appointment was made public on Wednesday, April 6th. His term will be two years, 2011-2013. As Chairman of the TCB Council Board of Directors, Mark will be responsible for setting the agenda, overseeing the Council’s ongoing activities and hosting periodic meetings and open forums.

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