MoCA Certification Program Overview

April 20, 2009

is a standard that utilizes existing coaxial cable at homes for creating a home network for sharing digital multimedia contents among different location inside the home. The MoCA Alliance has established the MoCA certification testing program to insure the proper functionality of MoCA devices and verify their conformance with the MoCA specification.

There are three parts to MoCA certification testing:

  1. First, MoCA vendors run the self test on their own product and once they feel comfortable about their device’s performance, the vendor will submit their device to the MoCA test house for certification testing. If you’re a MoCA member you can download the MoCA Certification Test Plan from the Members Site.
  2. Second, the test house will then conduct the designated CORE testing, as outlined in the MoCA Certification Test Plan (MoCA-DEVICE-CTP V10 or V08 depending on if version 1.0 or 1.1 is being tested).
  3. Finally, upon the successful completion of testing, the results are sent to the MoCA Alliance for final verification and issuance of the actual certification.

In addition to the certification testing, the MoCA certification test house is also capable of providing the pre-cert (self test) testing. This works well for those vendors that are short on staff and resources, or those that aren’t familiar with the necessary self-test validation. The test house provides other MoCA related services (debugging, spot checking, etc.) to address any testing needs prior to the vendor submitting for certification to assist the vendors in getting their products to the market faster.

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