NTS Chicago Expansion Phase 4: 5m EMC Chamber

August 10, 2016

The NTS Chicago team has been moving at a rapid pace. Our oversized 5m Semi-Anechoic EMC chamber at the new Mt. Prospect, IL laboratory is almost finished and ready for testing on September 6th. We’ve designed this new equipment with our customers in mind!

Some quick specs to note:

  • Oversized at 44’ x 32’ x 19’
  • 10’ x 10’ door aligned with building doors
  • 12,000 lb capacity floor and turntable
  • Combustion Engine Exhaust System
  • 3m turntable
  • Dual measurement range 3m and 5m

The video below shows progress from June to August.

And here you can see a shot of the Ferrite tile being applied to the interior

chamber ferrite tile application

We are continuing testing as usual for environmental, dynamics, electrical, mechanical, chemical and more throughout the move with no interruptions.

Keep submitting your quotes, or send one for the new EMC chamber coming online September 6th. We know you’ll be interested in our competitive pricing for this brand new equipment.

Click here to request a quote

Click here to contact the Chicago team with any questions about the new location

Official grand opening for the new location will take place on October 6th, stay tuned to the blog for more details!!


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