NTS El Segundo WAS 5000 System Gets an Upgrade!

October 24, 2014

NTS El Segundo (formerly Wyle Laboratories) recently revamped the amplifier and cooling unit components of their WAS 5000 system. A redesigned cooling unit has improved performance and is not required to be in the vicinity of the sound source but can be at any distance desired. This more efficient design also reduces the cabinet size for a dual unit to a single bay cabinet.

CU 5000, the cooling unit for the WAS 5000 system
A photo of the CU 5000, the cooling unit for the WAS 5000 system.

The amplifier design has been also been revamped. All safety interlock parameters are set via a programmable front display that also provides quick performance diagnostics. The field supply is no longer part of the cooling unit but is included with the power amplifier enabling all high power components to be placed in a single cabinet.

The WAS 5000, a high frequency sound source, is been used by acoustic noise test facilities for susceptibility testing of satellites and aviation components. It was developed in 2008 and customers include NASA, Lockheed Martin, KARI in Korea and Angkasa in Malaysia. It complements the WAS 3000, a low frequency sound source which is being used by most acoustic test labs in the US and abroad.

If you are interested in learning more about the WAS 5000, the recent upgrades, or how NTS El Segundo can help with your aerospace projects contact our acoustics department manager, Costa Glaretas by email or at 310-322-4093.

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