NTS International Approval Staging Services

September 29, 2016

Preparing for in-country testing is very similar to preparing for CE, FCC tests. However, some commonly seen issues such as language barriers, incorrect instructions/faulty samples or customs clearance issues may cause delays for obtaining the approvals.

The international approvals staging session at NTS is designed to mitigate these potential problems. With our experienced team at NTS, we will help to ensure the test instructions are executed correctly and more importantly, that the product is operating according to the relevant country specific standards. Lastly, before shipping out the test sample, we will check the product has the proper documents in order to clear customs.

Please contact our NTS International Approvals Team at for more details on preparing for your in-country test.

This post was written by Luis Cabrera. Luis has 10 years of experience at NTS in the areas of international shipping, testing and international approvals.

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