NTS co-authored paper to be presented at NDIA Joint Armaments Conference

May 11, 2010

The M82 Percussion Primer is employed to initiate the propelling charges of separately loaded artillery weapon systems. Unique to the 155 mm M777 Light Weight Howitzer weapon system design is the use of a magazine assembly mounted in the breach mechanism of the howitzer in which ten M82 percussion primers are loaded. This design allows the primers to experience shock loadings associated with multiple howitzer firings. To address concerns as to the potential impact this shock environment may have on the sensitivity of the percussion primers in the Marine Corps inventory, the Expeditionary Systems Evaluation Division of NSWC Crane, in concert with National Technical Systems (NTS) Ordnance Sciences department, conducted tests to characterize the pyrotechnic shock imparted to the magazine assembly of the M777 howitzer during weapon system firings and then used this data to develop a series of laboratory tests to characterize changes in the sensitivity of the M82 Percussion Primer as a result of multiple exposures to these shock environments. This work was done in support of the Program Manager for Ammunition of the Marine Corps System Command service life accelerated age testing program. The paper “Pyrotechnic Shock Loading of the M82 Percussion Primer in the M777 Light Weight Howitzer Magazine Assembly” will be presented at the NDIA Joint Armaments Conference being held in Dallas, TX, May 17 through 20, 2010. NTS will be exhibiting in booth 521.

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