NTS Lightning Laboratory Featured on Discovery Channel

February 14, 2018

At the NTS laboratory in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, industry-leading engineers and technicians are able to generate 2.4 million volts and 250,000 amperes to test the effects of lightning on commercial products. That’s why the Discovery Channel turned to NTS, the undisputed leader in extreme environmental simulation. In the episode titled Rebel Genius, the famed NTS laboratory generated lightning to strike a model plane to demonstrate the link between Tesla’s early theories and modern technology.

According to the Discovery Channel, “Nikola Tesla, often called the Man Who Invented the 20th Century, was the most famous mind of his time. In 1943, Tesla was found dead in a hotel room, his research missing. The FBI declassified documents that reveal new information about a weapon Tesla conceived called the Death Ray and the files lead experts to believe a full investigation is needed to determine what happened to Tesla.” The series explores the mystery surrounding the inventor’s death and his contributions to science and technology.

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Click here to view the episode in which NTS is featured.

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