NTS Releases RC2Test harness for ZigBee Remote Control 2.0

September 26, 2014

NTS has announced the release of our NTS RC2Test test harness for the development, certification, and pre-testing of ZigBee Remote Control 2.0 (ZRC2) devices.

The RC2Test is the first tool available for the ZRC2 specification and was used to validate ZigBee’s test specifications, as well as the Golden Units for the ZigBee Remote Control 2.0 specification. These Golden Units are the reference devices by which all future ZRC2 devices will be compared for interoperability and conformance.

RC2Test provides manufacturers with a test tool that emulates the various ZigBee Remote Control devices, as well as scripts used to validate a device to the ZRC2 application profile. It includes the ability to write your own test scripts, making it flexible and expandable to cover more than just ZigBee required tests. Prior to submitting a product for certification, you can utilize the same tool used internally by NTS in the performance of ZigBee certification tests.

Test harness video
Check out this short video of one of our test harnesses!

ZigBee Remote Control provides a global standard for easy-to-use RF remotes that remove line-of-sight restrictions, while also delivering two-way communication, longer range of use and extended battery life. It offers more flexibility such as control of devices from nearby rooms and placement of those devices almost anywhere – including behind wood, interior walls or glass. It was designed for a variety of consumer electronic devices including HDTV, home theater equipment, set-top boxes and other audio equipment.

NTS-AT encourages you to contact us should you have any questions about the test harness, ZigBee certification, or your product development. Call 800.879.9225 or visit the NTS-AT website for more information.

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