NTS Thought Leaders Lead Workshops at EMC Europe in Barcelona

October 24, 2019

NTS’s industry-leading EMC expertise was in the spotlight at the European Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility in Barcelona during the 2nd and 6th of September, 2019.

NTS’s own Chief Electrical Engineer, Jeff Viel, chaired a workshop on “High Intensity Radiated Field Radiation Aircraft Protection.” Andy Plumer, Chief Engineer at NTS’s Lightning Center of Excellence, led a workshop on “Protecting Against the Effects of Lightning and EMI in Systems and Components.”

Viel’s HIRF presentation demonstrated NTS’s thought leadership and the company’s unmatched capabilities in EMC testing for aircraft equipment and systems. From integrated test setup to frequency scan rates, signal modulation to conducted and radiated susceptibility testing in state-of-the-art reverberation chambers, he walked through the meticulous steps NTS takes to protect both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft in a variety of HIRF environments and throughout a range of frequencies. Viel covered how aircraft design is impacted by radiated and conducted HIRF entry points, equipment grounding and bonding, and various methods of equipment and wiring shielding and filtering. He also presented design options to reduce HIRF risk.

Plumer dove deep into the effects of lightning on equipment, aircraft and more; breaking down the types of strikes and from where they originate. He deconstructed the elements and behavior of lightning strikes, from leader branches to junction leaders to connection points. He also dissected lightning wave shapes and their impact measured in microseconds, the distribution of charge and flash density in regions around the world and in the US. Plumer then demonstrated NTS’s advanced capabilities to replicate the properties of lightning and its impact on wind turbines in our network of sophisticated EMC labs.

Both workshops included open discussions and Q&A from participants all over the world, many of whom requested more information about NTS’s EMC service offerings.

We couldn’t have planned a more successful representation of our global EMC expertise and thought leadership. Many thanks to Jeff and Andy for showing the world how EMC is done right!

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