Software Verification & Validation

October 30, 2013

nuclear-istockWith the use of software based equipment and systems in nuclear power plants growing in recent years, V&V is becoming a service that is a must for the nuclear industry. Computer based equipment such as protection and/or control systems and their safety significance that has caused not only interest, but a general concerns regarding dependability of software and the justification of its integrity.

NTS conducts software/code verification and validation services on digital equipment that contains a microprocessor (software code). The process involves a review of the code development and change control process as well as the functional verification of various portions of the software by device testing. Some examples of our plant experience include recorders, controllers and chiller control modules. NTS is available to work with our clients on their V&V needs.

If you are interested in learning more about the verification and validation
process or any other nuclear testing related service, please contact us directly
at NTS Acton 978-263-2933.

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