MoCA 2.0 Certification Testing Now Available Exclusively at NTS

January 21, 2014

With the recent successful completion of Golden Node testing, NTS is now exclusively performing certification testing for the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) 2.0 at its NTS Advanced Technology division located in Culver City, CA.

MoCA 2.0 serves the requirements of operators, including new performance modes, optimized energy saving, expanded operating frequencies, as well as packet error rate improvements. Golden node testing was performed on devices from Entropic. This testing is more rigorous and complex than standard certification testing in order to confirm the devices are in all ways compliant and conform to the specification. These Golden Nodes are then used in the certification testing of other devices via interoperability to ensure those devices meet the MoCA 2.0 standard.

“NTS worked closely with MoCA to make sure these devices are compatible, robust representations of the MoCA 2.0 standard,” said Charles Cerino, President, MoCA. Certification testing for MoCA 2.0 devices is available beginning today.

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