Announcing the Pneumatics Test Facility at NTS Santa Clarita!

July 16, 2014

Santa Clarita AirslabNTS Santa Clarita is proud to announce the establishment of a new Airslab to further support customers’ test requirements. The addition was a multi-year effort designed with the future in mind, after receiving feedback from customers that new aerospace requirements were pushing the envelope of current test capabilities. It was designed to conduct testing of air flow, pressure and temperature management subsystems and components requiring compressed air at varying pressures, flows and temperatures in a controlled environment.

Clients will find NTS is capable of testing jet engine bleed air systems, aerospace environmental control systems, transportation and industrial combustion or exhaust management systems and all the associated components. Even those that require compressed air at varying pressures as well as flows and temperatures for sustained periods.

This new testing facility consists of:

  • 4 high capacity convection heaters
  • 6 air compressors with boosters
  • 2 compressed air receivers
  • High flow, low pressure air blowers

Monitoring is housed in an adjoining state-of-the-art control room with a Data Acquisition & Control System (DAC) allowing test technicians, engineers, and customers to monitor and adjust test requirements and data. It can support up to 10 tests in parallel at 7 different workstations to view the test operation via remote video.

Other supporting capabilities include:

  • Thermal control chambers
  • High pressure compressors
  • High temperature oven
  • Low volume pneumatic pumps
  • SuE burners and combustors
  • Large vibration exciters

The facility recently spent a month pushing the capacity of these new systems to the limit in order to complete the South Coast Air Quality Management District permitting approvals. This ensures the ability to successfully meet customer requirements while simultaneously remaining responsible stewards of the environment.

NTS Santa Clarita is excited to welcome customers to take advantage of this new capability! For more information please contact the facility at 661-259-8184.

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