Ask the Expert: Randall Cobb

September 3, 2013

Randy Cobb

Randy joined NTS Detroit in 2010 as the Engineering Department Manager for Special Projects at the Detroit facility, he is currently focusing on accelerated life testing of hybrid electric motors.

His previous experience in testing started in 2004, beginning with automotive component validation and moving into hydraulic control design and field service. His customer-focused field experience prepared him for the role of working closely with clients in order to overcome technical challenges in designing, building and operating accelerated life tests.

When proposing the design of a test cell intended to simulate extreme test conditions, the question is often asked: “How will you reach the extreme conditions required for my test?”

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The nature of an accelerated life test is to operate in conditions that are outside the typical design range; meaning extreme temperatures, loads, speeds, and pressures are par for the course. A refrigeration company can sell chillers for cooling, an automation company will sell a controller, and a software company will design a package to record all of the data. Each company may sell outstanding products on their own, but they are not well-suited to work together as a team and deliver a cohesive testing system. It is the role of the test lab to integrate all parts together in order to replicate the physical conditions required for performing the test to specification. NTS Detroit achieves this by offering an on-site staff that includes electricians, machinists, and experts in refrigeration, fluid handling, motor control, and software development. Each of these individuals specializes in integrating their efforts with those of the rest of the team, enabling NTS to develop test cells customized to the needs of your specific test. We are here to test the limits of your product’s capabilities, and have the experience to do this safely and reliably.  Come meet our team for yourself at our upcoming Open House on October 24.


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