Simplified Testing at Orange County’s ONLY One-Stop Test Facility

September 3, 2020

Testing at a local laboratory makes your job easier. But what happens when your lab only specializes in a narrow range of tests? When this happens, you have to travel to other labs to get all your testing needs addressed. And that can be frustrating. After all, you want ALL of your testing from one company—and preferably one location. The good news is that you have access to Orange County’s ONLY one-stop shop testing facility. At this lab, you can get the following (and much more):

  • EMI/EMC (HIRF, REVERB, ESD, Radiated Susceptibility, Emissions, etc.)
  • Dynamics (Seismic Simulations and Dual Shakers Up to 70,000 Force Pounds)
  • Hydraulics (Continuous Flow, Leaking, Burst, Pressure Impulse, Performance, etc.)
  • Mechanical (Tensile Fatigue, Flexural Testing, Inclination, Acceleration, etc.)
  • Environmental (HALT, Temperature, Altitude, Humidity, Icing, Wind, etc.)
  • NEBS & Fiber Optics (Verizon ITL Approved)
  • Lightning (Transient, Multiple-Burst, Multiple-Stroke, Pin Injection, etc.)

And yes, that means you get all your testing details in a single report. Regardless of your test requirement, you can get exactly what you need a single lab in Orange County—and that’s in Fullerton, CA. With a single test report and single point-of-contact, you get everything you need to make testing a breeze. Contact us today—and learn how you can simplify testing at your local lab.

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