Solicitation Alert: Maritime Security Helmets

November 11, 2016

Solicitation Title: Maritime Security Helmets
Issued by: Department of the Navy, NSWC Panama City Division

Solicitation Number: N61331-17-R-0002
Solicitation Location: Click here for Solicitation

Issued: 10 November 2016
Response Date: 16 December 2016

  • The purchase is 100% small business set aside. NAICS: 325211, FSC Code: 8470, Size Standard: 1,250 employees.
  • Proposals are due via email to the POC, Alex Potter,
  • The following test data is required in each offeror’s proposal (per Section 3.2, Factor 2 of the RFP):
    • Ballistic test data relevant to the ballistic requirements of the SOW and Attachment J-1
    • Evidence that test data sheets originate from ATC or a National Institude of Justice (NIJ) certified lab
    • 9 mm Resistance to Penetration (RTP) and Ballistic Transient Deformation (BTD) results (Attachment J-1 Section and
    • Dry and ambient V50 testing (Attachment J-1 Section 2-gr RCC, 4-gr RCC, 16-gr RCC, 64-gr RCC, and 17-gr FSP
    • Blunt Impact Protection (Attachment J-1 Section 4.9.13 and Attachment J-2)

Please visit this link for detailed solicitation information and attachments: Click here for Solicitation

Solicitation Primary Point of Contact:
Alex Potter,, 850-636-6084

NTS Wichita and NTS Chesapeake are both NIJ-Certified laboratories with the expertise and availability to perform all ballistic and non-ballistic testing as identified in the Solicitation. Both laboratories have the capacity to accommodate test range needs and provide deliverables within the due dates specified in the Solicitation.

NTS Wichita POC:
Matt Lutz,, 316-832-1600

NTS Chesapeake POCs:
Craig Thomas,, 410-297-8154
Kyle North,, 410-297-8154

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