Solicitation Alert: Plate Carrier System, Generation II, and Components

October 17, 2016

Solicitation Title: Plate Carrier System, Generation II, and Components
Issued by: DLA Troop Support

Solicitation Number: SPE1C1-16-R-0172
Solicitation Location: Click here for Solicitation

Issued: 6 October 2016
Response Date: 21 November 2016

First Technical Factor: Ballistic Test Results and Areal Density (page61 of solicitation)

  • The solicitation states that this testing can be performed at a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Certified Laboratory.
  • Ballistic Testing Data Requirements (testing and requirements describedin Paragraph Sections 3 and 4 of DTL-14007A0000, dated March 18, 2015):
    • Eight (8) shoot packs for 17gr V50’s
    • Eight (8) shoot packs for 9mm V50’s
    • Eight (8) shoot packs for 9mm V0’s
  • Areal Density Data Requirements (testing requirements per Paragraph,, and 4.8.3 of DTL-14007A0000)
    • Provide one (1) shoot pack, not sewn, for Areal Density testing.

Please visit this link for detailed solicitation information and attachments: Click here for Solicitation

Solicitation Primary Point of Contact:
Catherine Dillon,, 215-737-2497

Contracting Office:
700 Robbins Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111-5096

NTS Wichita and NTS Chesapeake are both NIJ-Certified laboratories with the expertise and availability to perform all ballistic and non-ballistic testing as identified in the Solicitation. Both laboratories have the capacity to accommodate test range needs and provide deliverables within the due dates specified in the Solicitation.

NTS Wichita POC:
Matt Lutz,, 316-832-1600

NTS Chesapeake POCs:
Craig Thomas,, 410-297-8154
Kyle North,, 410-297-8154

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