Space Testing Gets Serious in Fullerton

July 16, 2020

NTS’s work for NASA—and the American Space Program—is legendary. Whether it’s creating a 100,000-cubic-foot reverberation room for Apollo 11 or accelerating testing for the rocket core stage of the Artemis program, NTS has always been there. But we’re still not done innovating. In fact, we continue to invest in equipment to provide up-to-date testing at labs across the continent.

NTS’s Fullerton lab in Orange County, CA, is the latest laboratory to add new capabilities, which includes:

  • Dual B340s with combined 72,000 F rating
  • Dual C220 with combined 64,000 F rating
  • Combined environment testing with vibration and temperatures to -280°F

In addition, the Orange County lab leverages an onsite fixture design team to reduce design time and minimize weight in order to achieve hard to reach test levels. As the American Space Program continues to evolve, you can always count on NTS to be there for you. After all, we’ve been part of every space program since the inception of manned space flight.

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