Testing for UL Recognition – A Step by Step Guide

May 7, 2016

Leading Companies Choose NTS for UL Testing

NTS Anaheim and a number of other NTS laboratories offer UL Engineering and Administrative Client Agent Services and Testing to help you achieve UL Recognition for your product. NTS Anaheim is the ONLY UL Data Acceptance Program (DAP) certified lab for materials testing in North America.

What does this mean?

It means that NTS can evaluate and test your product and send our reports directly to UL  for recognition. Once UL approves the data, they will send a Notification of Authorization (N of A) to apply the UL certification mark.

Why would you use NTS for UL standards testing?

NTS is a fully certificated laboratory under the UL Third Party Test Data Program (TPTDP). We can get your project started faster, provide pre-program engineering, pre-screen testing, direct engineering contact, custom artwork optimized for PWB/PCB recognition, and sample preparation provided on LTTA test programs.

How does it work?

In the engineering phase, the generic or elevated RTI (via aging) are discussed and recognition parameters are defined.  Complex or unusual constructions are welcome to be submitted for evaluation.

Next, NTS and UL quotations are provided and upon acceptance, final sample requirements are determined. The samples are sent to NTS laboratories, and NTS CNC routes samples from your laminate. Samples are processed immediately to determine acceptance and frequent aging updates with RTI projections are provided.

Depending on the project scope, NTS will prepare and submit reports for short term indexing and provisional and final recognition of products.  Following UL’s acceptance they will issue a Notice of Authorization.

NTS UL Testing Approvals

NTS has unmatched experience evaluating industrial laminates, plastics, HDI materials, printed circuit boards, and soldermask materials. We specialize in the following categories:

UL 796 Printed Wiring Boards
UL 796F Flexible Materials Interconnect Constructions
UL 746A Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations
UL 746B Polymeric Materials – Long Term Property Evaluations
UL 746E Polymeric Materials – Industrial Laminates, Filament Wound Tubing, Vulcanized Fiber and Materials used in Printed Wiring Boards
UL 746F Polymeric Materials – Flexible Dielectric Film Materials for use in Printed Wiring Boards and Flexible Materials Interconnect Constructions
UL 94 Flammability
UL Subject 5703 Outline of Investigation for Determination of the Maximum Operating Temperature Rating of Photo-voltaic (PV) Materials
Short Term Aging and Pre-Screen Testing

The UL Certificated Agency Program (CAP) Scope of approval covers the following categories:

ZPMV2 – Wiring, Printed – Component (Rigid PCB’s)
ZPXK2 – Wiring, Printed-Flexible Material Constructions – Component (Flexible and Flex-Rigid PCB’s)
QMTS2 – Polymeric Materials – Filament-wound Tubing, Industrial Laminates, Vulcanized Fibers, and Materials for Use in Fabricating Recognized Printed Wiring Boards – Component
QMJU2 – Coatings for Use on Recognized Printed Wiring Boards – Component (solder masks)
QMFZ2 – Plastics – Component
OCDT2 – Insulating Devices and Materials, Miscellaneous – Component

UL testing infographic

Contact us today to discuss how NTS can help you achieve your UL approvals faster and more cost effectively.

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