The Motor City goes Electric

April 28, 2014

gas vs hybridNTS Detroit is the newest place for complete motor testing. With high-power battery simulators, environmental chambers already integrated with motor wiring, and fluid conditioners for both oil and glycol applications, it is a turn-key solution for developing your hybrid or EV motor products. Along with the equipment comes experience- since 2010, NTS has tested motors for a variety of platforms ranging from ICE hybrid electric assist vehicles to fully-electric supercars. Some of the testing options currently available are:

Back-to-Back Durability- This configuration uses NTS’s control software and fixturing to test two motors simultaneously, rather than using independent dynamometers for each. Energy is saved, equipment needs are minimized, and a system of this type provides the maximum test output for the minimum investment.  NTS Detroit operates on a 24/7 basis, and has tested up to eight motors in a single environmental chamber simultaneously, using our custom control system.

NTS Detroit’s back-to-back durability fixtures
One example of NTS Detroit’s back-to-back durability fixtures

Environmental Testing – All of the Back-to-Back fixtures are intended to be exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including high and low temperatures and high humidity. Often referred to as Powered Thermal Cycle, High Temperature Operating, and High Humidity Endurance, NTS Detroit has the chamber capacity to perform all of these tests in parallel so you can deliver on time.

Performance and Thermal Profiling – NTS Detroit has experience with your most extreme motor profiles. Using precision thermal imaging and cutaway motor components, detailed thermal profiles can be created from actual components for comparison to FEA model results. The NTS Dynamometer department is capable of testing motors up to 1200 Hp, with high-speed systems up to 15,000 rpm. Many of our motor drives are regenerative, returning absorbed power back to the electrical bus, thus saving costs.

System Integration – Each motor typically requires its own power electronics that must be controlled for safe, consistent operation. NTS Detroit has developed custom software using National Instruments architecture for safely controlling up to 10 motors simultaneously, with power electronic parameters and analog signals captured for constant limit monitoring. This allows for complicated operational profiles to be repeated reliably, offering flexibility for adapting to most test specifications.

Whether you need a single characterization or a full development program, NTS is able to provide services to meet your needs. For more information please visit the NTS Detroit webpage or call the lab directly at 313.835.0044 .

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