UAE – Radio/Telecom Update

April 18, 2014

UAE – Radio/Telecom
The TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority in the UAE, United Arabic Emirates) is now requesting samples for telecom and radio approvals. According to the authority, verifications on the sample must be done in country and soon they will start to implement in country radio testing for 2.4GHz and 5GHz devices.   However, as of this date, the commercial samples need to be provided (in marketing package as sold) for TRA type approval as well as for TRA type approval renewals. Contact us for more details.

CHINA – Radio
Radio modular approval scheme is now available in China under the SRRC approval scheme. There are two types of modular approvals: complete and operated dependently; and limited and operated dependently. Final equipment using the radio module approved under the “complete” scheme do not need any additional approval and a statement must be used on the product declaring the module is approved, much like the FCC Full Module Approval Scheme. Final equipment using the radio module approved under the “limited” scheme will need additional SRRC testing and approvals.  Contact us for more details.

If you think your product is subject to these new requirements or would like a solution to obtain international approvals, please contact NTS at or call at 510-578-3500.

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