Calibration Services

Calibration Services

NTS Calibration Services

Since its founding in 1949, our Huntsville laboratory has offered calibration and metrology services including the operation of a Type 1 Metrology Laboratory for NASA for more than 30 years.

NTS offers complete services for the maintenance, repair, calibration and certification of electronic, physical and mechanical instruments, including cleaning, minor repairs and adjustments. Metrology management services for commercial customers is also offered to assist in managing the calibration and repair of clients’ instruments including the management of records and certifications. We are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 10012-1, 10CFR50 appendix B and comply with ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 standards.

All calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). Calibration measurements are supported by certificates, reports or data sheets attesting to the source, date, uncertainty and conditions under which the results were obtained. Repairs can be performed to the component level with operational verification to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Areas of Calibration Service

Accelerometer (Force)Gauge (Height)
Meter (True RMS) Scale (Digital)
Accelerometer (Tri-Axial)Gauge (Pressure) Meter (Volt/Ohm) Scale (Micro Balance)
Accelerometer (Vibration)Gauge (Vacuum) ModuleScale (Platform)
Amplifier (Charge)HipotModule (Amplifier) Scale (Portable Balance)
Amplifier (Conditioning)Indicator (Temperature)Module (Analog) Scale (Spring)
Amplifier (Vibration)Measurement Tools (Ruler)Module (Current) Scale (Triple Beam)
Ball (Pressure Tool)Dial IndicatorModule (DAQ) Scale (Weighing)
Calibrator (Humidity)CaliperModule (Humidity) Sensor (Pressure)
Clamp (Injection)MicrometerModule (Input)Sensor (Temp/Humidity)
Conditioner (Signal)Measurement Tools (Protractor)Module (Pressure) Sensor (Torque)
Controller (Process)Measurement Tools (Rule)Module (Strain Gauge) Stopwatch (Digital)
Controller (System)Measurement Tools (Tape)Module (Thermocouple) Stopwatch (Mechanical)
Controller (Temperature)Meter (Clamp On) MultiplexerSwitch (Programmable)
Converter (Current/Pressure)Meter (Data Logger)Oscilloscope (Digital) System (DAQ)
Data AcquisitionMeter (Digital Multimeter)Probe (Current)Thermocouple
Driver (Torque)Meter (LCR)Probe (High Voltage)Torque Multiplier
Fixture (Torque)Meter (PH)Probe (Temp/Humidity)Transducer (LVDT)
Gauge (Compound)Meter (Scope)Probe (Thermocouple)Transducer (Pressure)
Gauge (Depth)Meter (Tachometer) Probe (Voltage)Transmitter (Pressure)
Gauge (Differential) Meter (Temperature) Recorder (Chart)Transmitter(Temp/Hum)
Gauge (Foot)Meter (Thermometer) Recorder (Data)Wrench (Torque)
Gauge (Force)Meter (Torque)Scale (Digital Balance)

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