DIRECTV Certification

What is DIRECTV Certification?

DIRECTV CertificationNTS has years of experience in the testing of satellite devices, such as the DIRECTV receivers. Based on the MoCA standard, NTS  performs certification and compliance testing for DIRECTV products for manufacturers. DIRECTV is an satellite television provider for North and South America, and NTS provides testing for the various DIRECTV satellite television receivers that are available on the market.

Testing covers many of the same areas as the MoCA communication standards, including  power levels, noise, throughput, error rates, latency, interference, and coexistence. Certification testing at NTS covers both the so called “MidRF” and “HiRF” versions of the standard. Manufacturers of DIRECTV products can contact DIRECTV for more information regarding the test specification, and the requirements for certification testing.

Using ZigBee RF4CE, DIRECTV has also recently begun the integration of radio frequency remote control functionality (as opposed to the traditional infrared remote controls). NTS can also assist in the testing and verification of DIRECTV devices for ZigBee RF4CE, using test standards developed by NTS in discussion with DIRECTV and our experience with ZigBee’s Remote Control application layer.

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