PG&E HAN Validation

What is PG&E HAN Validation Testing?

PG&E HAN Validation TestingNTS has been selected by PG&E to provide testing of HAN (Home Area Network) devices for use with PG&E’s SmartMeters™. PG&E customers can now connect to their SmartMeters to provide real-time energy use in their homes using ZigBee Smart Energy . PG&E has previously been working with device manufacturers directly to validate their devices work with the home and business area networks (HANs/BANs) of their customers. However, PG&E has recently decided to qualify third-party labs to perform this testing on their behalf. NTS has been selected as the first lab to provide these services outside of PG&E.

For information on how to get your product tested and validated, please visit PG&E Information for Device Vendors. Device manufacturers who are looking to get their products validated must go through the following high-level steps:

  • The device manufacturer must download the CA IOU application form from and send the completed copy to All products tested for PG&E validation will require prior certification to the ZigBee Smart Energy standard.
  • NTS will review the application (based on PG&E’s guidelines) and will let the manufacturer know if it was/was not accepted.  If the application is accepted, NTS will provide information on testing, including the necessary contract and payment for testing, as well as shipping information.
  • NTS will then conduct testing of the device manufacturer’s product and provide a test report back to PG&E and the device vendor.
  • PG&E will then approve the Test Report & notify the device manufacturer if their product has successfully completed testing.

PG&E HAN validation testing is currently available at NTS. Contact us today for more information.

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