WPC Qi Certification

WPC Qi Wireless Battery Charging Testing/Registration

WPC Qi CertificationThe Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi standard allows you to lose the wires and charge your mobile device. Using magnetic induction technology, Qi compliant devices can just be laid upon a base station to charge without the need for power cables. Qi devices are easy to use – just set your mobile device onto a charging station (aka base station) and your Qi-compliant device will receive power wirelessly. No more plugs necessary. Plus base stations and mobile devices communicate to halt the power transfer once the mobile device has finished charging. No worries about overcharging and ruining your device’s battery.  In addition, manufacturers and vendors are beginning to integrate Qi technology into furniture, such as tables for use at airports making the technology even more convenient.

NTS is an authorized test lab for the Qi standard, and performs testing to verify products meet the requirements of the standard. Testing is based on the type of device being tested (e.g., base station or mobile device). NTS perform testing using the latest version of the WPC Qi Test Plan which covers areas such as load modulation, identification and configuration, power transfer, and the user interface. Once your product passes testing, your product will submitted to WPC as a “Registered Product.”

Even though your device may be charging wirelessly, NTS can also help you with USB compliance testing if you still need to connect your mobile device to your computer to transfer music, videos, files, etc.

If you’ve developed a Qi device, please contact NTS today to get your device tested and registered.

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