U.S. Representative Pete Aguilar Tours NTS San Bernardino Laboratory | September 18, 2019

Anaheim, CA (September 18, 2019). National Technical Systems, Inc. (“NTS”), the leader in qualification testing, inspection, and certification solutions in North America, proudly hosted a Congressional Tour of its San Bernardino laboratory September 5th. U.S. Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA), Jared Bosman, Military/Veterans Affairs Liaison at the Office of Pete Aguilar, and Peter Muller, Deputy State Director at the Office of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein toured the NTS San Bernardino laboratory to see the extent of the company’s involvement with the U.S. space and Naval programs, as well as the commercial aviation industry.

“San Bernardino can be immensely proud of the contribution our community is making in the aviation, space and defense sectors through the work being done at companies like NTS.” – Pete Aguilar, U.S. Representative of the 31st Congressional District

San Bernardino Facility Is Home to Unique Capabilities

NTS’ continual investment in advanced and unique testing capabilities have made the company a longstanding NASA partner, having been involved in every major space mission. NTS is an integral player in NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), the organization’s vessel being engineered to carry people and cargo back to the moon, Mars, and far into deep space…missions in which NTS San Bernardino assumed a leading role. NTS San Bernardino provides specialized fluids, pressurization and flow testing, cryogenic storage and vaporization, data analytics, and other highly sophisticated testing for space rocket component applications. It is also a robust test facility for aerospace propulsion development testing with a legacy of superior performance and an excellent safety record.

“We’re pleased to host Congressman Aguilar at our San Bernardino facility,” said Rich Adams, NTS CEO. “We appreciate his continued support of our military and the businesses in San Bernardino. “NTS San Bernardino has been in operation since 2005 and draws from NTS’ 60 years of aerospace and defense experience,” Adams added. “Our contributions to the community and our standards of excellence are due in large part to the experienced, extremely dedicated managers, engineers, and technicians who keep this facility at the top of its game each day.”

In addition to its key role in aerospace testing, NTS extensively supports the U.S. Navy. NTS engineers develop and execute performance and qualification component testing for current and next generation aircraft carriers and submarines. The company would like to extend its sincere gratitude to the Aircraft Carriers Industrial Base Coalition (ACIBC) for assisting in organizing the congressional tour.

NTS San Bernardino is designed in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute (API) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) power piping codes, and all pressure vessels are ASME-coded and commissioned for use in California. In addition, the lab is in full compliance with all federal, state and local agency requirements, including the South Coast Air Quality Management District

About National Technical Systems

National Technical Systems, Inc. (NTS) is the leading provider of qualification testing, inspection, and certification services in North America, serving a broad range of industries, including the civil aviation, space, defense, nuclear, telecommunications, industrial, electronics, medical, and automotive end markets. Since 1961, NTS has built the broadest geographic presence in the United States, offering more than 70 distinct environmental simulation and materials testing categories, including climatic, structural, dynamics, fluid flow, EMI/EMC, lightning, ordnance, product safety, acoustics, failure analysis, chemical, and other industry-specific tests. Operating through a network of 28 technologically advanced testing laboratories, this geographically diverse footprint puts NTS facilities in proximity to its more than 4,000 clients, allowing NTS to serve the nation’s most innovative companies with industry-leading accessibility and responsiveness. NTS is accredited by numerous national and international organizations and operates its inspection division under the Unitek brand, providing a wide range of supply chain management services. NTS’ certification division, which operates under the NQA brand, is one of the largest and most respected global ISO registrars, with active certifications in more than 75 countries. For additional information about NTS, visit our website at nts.com or call 800-270-2516.

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