CU-5000 Rack

CU-5000 Cooling Unit Rack for WAS-5000

Used to provide cooling water, vacuum, and field coil power to the WAS-5000 transducer, the CU-5000 along with the PA-5000 amplifier completes the WAS-5000 system.  NTS can provide design, build, and construction management for a complete acoustic facility. The CU-5000 can be configured to supply either one or two WAS-5000 transducers from a single rack.

General Characteristics of the CU-5000

The CU-5000 has a programmable power supply to provide the field coil with power. A recirculating distilled water system with heat exchanger cools the field coil and driver coils, and a vacuum scavenge system pulls the water back out of the transducer. The power supply, water temperature, flow, and pressure are constantly monitored as system interlocks. Indicator lights and an optional HMI provide visual status of the interlocks. A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is used to sequence the rack operation and control system interlocks with the CU-5000 Cooling Unit. Communication with the other system components is via Ethernet IP industrial protocol. An HMI (Human Machine Interface, or Touch screen) is recommended on one of the CU-5000 racks for manual control and maintenance.

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