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We’ve Got This: Depend On NTS Managed Engineering Services

There’s simply no need to worry about managing the day-to-day operations that are not a part of your company’s core competency. There’s no sense in draining your talent and resources, Now when NTS’ Managed Engineering Services is here to help you:

  • Launch products faster
  • Incorporate processes to drive down costs
  • Locate and retain specialized talent

With NTS as your partner, you can manage all of the above and succeed. Our experienced professionals will help you meet every challenge and optimize your resources (both human and physical), so you can focus on your business and your bottom line.

Our clients continually realize significant cost savings and a higher completion of on-time market release of their products. How? By involving NTS’ Subject Matter Experts in the early stages of product development and incorporating test design from the inception.

The NTS Solution to Your Engineering Support Challenges

When you’re ready to outsource your engineering support operations, the choice is easy: NTS. For more than 50 years, we’ve managed testing laboratories and other engineering service centers; retaining a world-class network of engineers and subject matter experts. In NTS, you’ll find customized, flexible solutions to your workflow challenges, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on key areas of your business.

Here’s how we work: One of our Program Managers collaborates with you to create your organization’s integrated solution. Since it’s crafted for your company alone, your plan is designed to give you the savings and results you want and need. Your dedicated Program Manager is your single point of contact, backed by a team of professionals who know how to provide you a seamless, cohesive solution.

We make it happen with:

  • Facility, Laboratory Planning
    • Resource, Risk Management
    • On-site and Off-site Teams
  • Offshore teams
  • Lab Accreditation
  • Quality System, Procedures
  • Life Cycle Integration Services
    • Product Services
    • Computer Technology Testing
    • New Product Development Testing
    • EMI, EMC Testing
    • Reliability Testing
    • Stress, Thermal Analysis
    • Telecom, Broadband, Wireless Testing
    • Satellite Testing
    • International Certifications and Approvals
    • Test Witnessing, 3rd Party Validation

Begin Your Most Effective and Efficient Operations Today

NTS Managed Engineering Services, you maintain overall management control of your operation.

We understand the high level of pressure you face each day to deliver more, faster, for less. Let NTS take some of that pressure off with a customized integrated engineering solution that allows you to focus on key aspects of your business.

Contact us today to learn how our Managed Engineering Services can make your life easier, or view our brochure by clicking here.


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