PA-5000 Amplifier Rack

Enhance Your Capabilities with the PA-5000 Amplifier for WAS-5000 Wide Band Acoustic Transducer

Adaptability and next-level technology make the PA-5000 a valuable asset to your testing facility. It can be configured to power either one or two WAS-5000 transducers from a single rack. When paired with a CU-5000 Cooling unit and a noise source, the PA-5000 completes the system needed to operate the WAS-5000.

NTS can provide design, build, and construction management for a complete acoustic facility.

In amplifying an acoustic noise signal to the WAS-5000 transducer, the PA-5000 receives an input signal from a noise source and crisply amplifies it to the transducer. The source of the signal can be white noise source, a sine wave, or other source, depending on your preference or requirements.

PA-5000: Characterized by Advanced Technology

The PA-5000’s digital gradient amplifier is specifically designed for use in precision voice-coil actuator control systems. It accepts a differential input signal of ±5 VDC, amplifies with a fixed gain of 40V/V, and provides a 100 Amp RMS, 200 Amp peak pulse width modulated signal (102kHz, ±7%). The PA-5000 also features:

  • Sequencing of rack operation and control system interlocks with the CU-5000 cooling unit through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  • Visual status of interlocks through indicator lights and optional Human Machine Interface (HMI, or touch screen), which is recommended on one of the CU-5000 racks for manual control and maintenance.
  • Communication with system components via Ethernet IP industrial protocol.

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Experience is everything. Since 1949, NTS has been a specialized testing and simulation services partner to the Aerospace, Defense, and Commercial industries.

For both short-term test requirements and complex, large-scale projects, our vast resources, knowledgeable engineers, and hands-on customer service can save you time and money. NTS-owns and operates reverberant and progressive wave acoustic test facilities, where we provide complete acoustic facility development and engineering support.

Let us be your single source for design, engineering, construction management, instrumentation and control systems, operation, maintenance, and personnel training.

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