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To evaluate the lethality effectiveness of advanced warheads, one must accurately characterize a warhead’s fragment mass and velocity distributions, along with the blast over-pressure spatial distribution.

The lethality effectiveness evaluation of advanced warheads requires accurate characterization of the warhead’s fragment mass and velocity distributions, along with the blast over-pressure spatial distribution.

Experts at the NTS Camden test facility in Arkansas have performed extensive warhead arena tests to IAW ITOP 4-2-813 and FM 101-51-3. Our engineers employ high speed digital video camera systems which  record as many as  100,000 frames per second, and blast over-pressure gages that measure up to 150 psi. During testing, we can tailor several arenas, including size, shape, data collection media and placement, and generation of Z-Data reports. Among the specialized arena elements NTS Camden teams utilizes during testing are:

  • Aircraft Components – Cockpit, Fuselage, Wing, and Tail Sections
  • Commercial or Military Vehicles – Vans, Trucks, Sedans
  • Armor Materials – Structural Elements, Panels
  • Mannequins – Plywood, Instrumented

Trusted Lethality, Arena and Blasting Testing at NTS Camden

Precision, testing proficiency, and experience. NTS Camden offers full support for a wide range of military programs and systems, including Javelin, Hydra, Claymore Mine and more. We have a long history of providing testing and compliance assistance to the defense industry, and we can help you achieve certification to MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-2105, and other related regulatory guidelines.

Part of the NTS Defense group, NTS Camden  has amassed more than 20 years of experience in performing destructive testing for the defense industry, and provides IED and mine blast test services to some of the nation’s premiere armor and armor systems developers. The Camden Operations Division assists armor manufacturers and developers in accurately assessing the performance of current and new armor designs against improvised explosive devices and mine blast threats.

Safe, Remote Monitoring of Material Testing

Unique features of NTS Camden include a fully protected viewing room equipped a pneumatic trigger device capable of remotely operating either a laser-guided universal receiver or a .22 fragmentation barrel. This allows our engineers to adjust fixtures as necessary to support a variety of test samples and maintain precise environmental controls.

Specialty Targets for Arena Testing

NTS can support testing simultaneously at each of its arena test areas with net explosive weights over seven hundred pounds, as shown below. NTS also performs arena and functional testing of warheads, mines, grenades, ammunition, and similar items.






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