Dual Shaker Testing

NTS has a number of facilities capable of conducting dual shaker testing, vibration testing utilizing multiple electrodynamic exciters, for the evaluation of large payloads.

Once such example was conducted as part of the test program for NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer or LADEE. NTS worked with NASA’s Ames Research Center for simulated environmental testing of the LADEE observatory which included dual shaker vibration.

Vibration testing on the observatory was conducted utilizing the NTS Santa Clarita facilities tandem Ling B-340 electrodynamic exciters. These exciters allow either dual shaker vibration testing, or in the case of the LADEE observatory tests, they minimize the test set-up time. The electrodynamic exciters were staged with one in the thrust axis and the other set-up for lateral axes vibration. This dual shaker set up allowed for a quick transition from one test to the other. During the tests, the vibration test lab was maintained at a class 10,000 cleanliness level.

LADEE at NTS Santa Clarita for Dual Shaker Vibration Testing

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